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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Deference between Volley and Retrofit

           Volley                                              Retrofit

1> Volley is little more complex code.                 1>  Retrofit is easy code design.

2> Volley support response type-                          2>In retrofit you need include          
      StringRequest,JsonObjectRequest,                      thisGsonRequest<T> class which basically
     JsonArrayRequest,ImageRequest                         represents a request whose response is converted                                                                                    to type T by Gson.

3> Volley is supported image loading.                  3> Retrofit is not supported imageloading this is use                                                                                     third party library like-Piccaso.

4> Volley and Retrofit both library support           4> Not better then volley.
     caching mechanism but volley is better
     and good then retrofit.

5> Volley is support priority of request.                5> Retrofit is not support priority of request.

6> Volley is supported retry policy.                       6> Retrofit is not supported retry policy.

7> Volley is supported cancellation of request.     7> Retrofit is not supported cancellation of request

8> Volley is also supported multipart request        8> Retrofit is full supported multipart request.
      but this is convert javaobject to jsonobject.

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